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Grow Through What You Go Through

When I have the opportunity to combine two of my favorite things, I can't help but jump in heart first! As we all know, creating custom tees with positive and encouraging messages is my heart, as this is a way to not only encourage those wearing them, but also anyone they happen to cross paths with while wearing the message. Quotes and song lyrics are a staple in my life, the messages resonate in my heart and soul, they help me through the hard times and keep me encouraged day to day.

"Grow Through What You Go Through" is one of these that has really stuck. As we are in some of the most uncertain times in most of our lives, I think this message speaks loud and clear. We CAN grow right now, we can use this experience to see what we're really made of. We may discover we're more resilient than we believed we could be, we may find new coping skills, new hobbies, rekindle passions and relationships that were dimmed. Whatever it may be, you can and will grow through what you go through.

I believe this to be especially true for the children as well, while we may have let fear take over and lead us to believe they will be behind from schooling at home, not practicing, I believe this is a time we may sit back and watch them grow now more than ever. Growing and gaining life skills, spending more quality time with their family, learning to appreciate and feel deep gratitude for the friendships and privileges they may have been so easily taking for granted.

One area I know I don't want to take for granted is supporting the small businesses that make up our communities and towns. Collaborating with other small businesses I love is another one of my favorite things. I felt this message was ever so fitting for these tiny but mighty small businesses working so hard to grow through these times of closure, sharing their hearts and passions, fighting to keep their businesses alive and finding new ways to reach you. Keeping their why at the center, and learning how to adjust how they operate.

This is where "To You, With Love~The Boxed Collection" was born. I have curated a collection that is as powerful as the message on the tee. "Watch Me Grow" is the theme, featuring the following small businesses near and dear to my heart:

>Iron Fox Clothing


>Vintage Harte

The Collection comes in Adult and Youth options at an incredible discounted rate, and allows you to help support FOUR small businesses with one purchase! I hope you love it as much as I do, let's get ready to grow together!

Order here:

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